Capture Your Experience

When playing a ReelGOLF™ course, you need only to visit the ReelGOLF™ Web App to get access to your video. We have discretely placed our intelligent cameras to record your shot, and send your video to you within minute of arriving to the next hole. Your shot, captured just for you, and delivered in near real time. Just Scan, Shoot, and Share!


How it Works



Upon arrival at our hole, you need only scan our QR Golf™ code placed near your tee box. Our smart cameras will activate and identify you. The ReelGOLF™ Web App will then let you know it’s time to take your shot.


When our cameras are rolling, simply take your shot and our smart cameras will record your outgoing tee shot and the incoming green view of your shot, at the same time. Our Autonomous Videographer combines the views just as if your shot was broadcast on The Golf Channel®, CBS Sports®, or NBC®. ReelGOLF™ adds your name, the course name and logo, the hole number, the distance to pin and ball tracing to your video. Your golf shot is then delivered to you within minutes of arriving at the next hole.



Within minutes of taking your shot, the ReelGOLF™ Web App will send you a message that your shot is ready to view. With the video link, you can view it privately or share with friends and social lesson.

Watch it in Action

First Shots, Lasting Memories

ReelGOLF™ is more than just a recording to capture on an IPhone® or Galaxy® Smartphone. With ReelGOLF™, players create their own memories. ReelGOLF™ stores videos for players to revisit and repost in the future. Consider ReelGOLF™ as a personal golf library that documents the unique golf journey of the everyday golfer. Find a ReelGOLF™ course to start creating and recording on-course memories today.