What is ReelGOLF™?

Our Solution

ReelGOLF™ is the first on-course autonomous videography system to create PGA® Pro Tour quality video for the everyday golfer. With ReelGOLF™, smart cameras are placed discretely near the tee boxes and greens on signature Par 3 holes to capture tee-to-green shots. Simply scan our QR Golf™ code, to record your shot, and the video will be sent to you within minutes. It’s that simple.

Just Scan, Shoot, and Share!


Our Story

During his first trip to The Old Course at St. Andrews, our founder realized how historic the moment was to him. However, there was no way to record that experience. He set off on a new journey, to create a solution that could record those memories and change the way golf is viewed for the everyday golfer. That solution today is ReelGOLF™.

Why ReelGOLF™?


Creating Memories

Whether you are a novice golfer or an avid golfer, we all want to cherish the memories we create on the golf course, especially the good ones.


Record and Share

With a simple scan of our QR Golf™ code positioned near the tee box, our smart cameras locate you, record your shot, and send a PGA® quality video to you within minutes of getting to the next hole. You can then share your experience on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter with just one click.


Capture that Hole-in-One!

Luck, Skill or Both? Hole-in-One’s are hard to make. When you do make that shot of a lifetime, the technology should be in place to record that moment. ReelGOLF™, captures each Hole-in-One shot, allowing golfers to share, brag, and preserve a memory of a lifetime!


Signature Holes

Every course has that hole, the one every player wants to ace or birdie. With ReelGOLF™, Courses can effectively promote signature holes without having to pay for expensive ads or promotions.


Growing the Game

ReelGOLF™ is dedicated to revolutionizing the way golfers of all levels experience the game. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to 'Grow the Game' by fostering a vibrant golfing community and providing unparalleled opportunities for improvement.


Social Media Reach

Social Media strategies can be a challenge for golf courses to create and implement. A golf course’s greatest asset is the course itself. Why not promote it? With ReelGOLF™, we are sharing videos of your course for you, every day, one shot at a time.

Play a round at one of ReelGOLF™’s partner courses.



Simply use the ReelGOLF™ App when it is your shot to scan the QR Golf™ Code located near the tee box of the ReelGOLF™-powered hole.



After scanning the QR Golf™ code, our cameras are activated and intelligently identify you to record your shot.



Within minutes of arriving at the next hole, a PGA® Tour inspired video of your shot is delivered!

Courses can be seen like never before.

The greatest moments in golf happen every day on courses. With ReelGOLF™, the world can now see them. Currently, only players on the PGA® Tour are able to record and watch their shots. With ReelGOLF™, partner courses can now capture on-course play, and create PGA® Tour quality videos for guests to share with the world. Welcome to a new, connected way to promote your course and build your brand.


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